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    Music and Rhythm class

The benefits of physical and co-curricular activities are universal for all children, including those with disabilities.The goal is inclusion for all children with disabilities in appropriate activities according to their interest and ability.

The students are involved in many co-curricular program as an integral part of the education and learning. We promote functional learning, which is enabling a child affected with autism or intellectual deficits or multiple disabilities, to meet up the daily life challenges and to be independent in life as far as possible. One-to-one sessions, group sessions, play and water therapy, music, dance, theatre, art and craft classes are regularly incorporated in our structured educational curriculum.

Music class includes table,harmonium and rhythm training. AHEAD has its own Orchestra of the special children. They are well trained to perform regularly in school functions and also invited to perform at various government and social functions.

Further, AHEAD actively promotes sports for the disabled. The school has the permission to use the play-ground in front of the school where regular sports training and events are organized. Many of the students participate in the Special Olympics and other sports events organized in Kolkata and have won medals and certificates.

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