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Intellectual Disability

We all have heard people say he's "retarded," but you've also heard people use that word to make fun of each other. If you know someone who has an intellectual disability, be a friend!

“Mental retardation” or “Intellectual Disability” or “Developmental Delay” are different terms which basically mean the same. These are used to describe someone who learns and develops more slowly than other kids, someone who have trouble learning and functioning in everyday life. A 10 years old child might not talk or write as well as a typical 10-year-old.

But having an intellectual disability doesn't mean a person can't learn. Children with an intellectual disability often have a great capacity to learn and become a quite capable kid.

Just like other health problems, an intellectual disability can be mild, moderate or severe. The bigger the disability the more trouble someone will have learning and becoming an independent person.

In AHEAD a team of dedicated special educators and experienced therapists and psychologists provide help for special needs of a child. The team assesses the areas in which a child has developmental delays or lacks abilities to adopt skills. The team formulates an individualized education program (IEP), adopts a structured plan to enhance learning and help the child to best utilize his/her potentials.

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